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Daum Glass -1. daumstrip2

This page is dedicated to earlier pieces of Daum, the cameos, enamels and acid cut back pieces. These date from 1895 to about 1914.

Daum Glass -1. daumgift


A stunning small, 3 1/2 inches tall, Daum landscape cameo vase c1910, in browns blacks. This vase was a personal gift from Antonin Daum to a friend and Emile Galle employee, whilst showing him round the Daum works, it was literally taken off the production line at Daum and still has production/finishing notes to the base. It come with a letter of Provenance from a direct descendent of the recipient. Price £1,800

Daum Glass -1. daumcocks2


Fine, about 5 inches, tall Daum Cameo Cockscomb plant vase c1900 signed in cameo, click on image for a different view SOLD.

Daum Glass -1. Daumblue

Acid etched & Enamelled

Cute small low bowl, acid etched and enamelled in black c1895, c5 inches across, blue to clear, Signed. Price £480

Daum Glass -1. daumspring

Cameo & Enamel -Spring flowers

Amazing Daum Cameo and Enamel small vase just 4 inches tall, depicting spring flowers c1900 signed £1,980

Daum Glass -1. daummistletoe

Acid Cut Back -Mistletoe

A stunning small, c5 inches tall, green to clear, gilded and applied enamel Daum Mistletoe Vase, signed c1900, Price £980.

Daum Glass -1. daumcockscomb

Cameo - Cockscomb

Stunning and classic red on orange Daum Cockscomb-plant vase c1900 signed, c10 inches tall. Price £2,750.

Daum Glass -1. daumnicotiana3

Cameo & Carved - Nicotiana

Stunning and unusual around 8 inches tall Daum cameo and hand carved Nicotiana vase in reds oranges and browns, click on image for another view, signed in cameo c1905, Price £2,950

Daum Glass -1. daumtallcameo

Cameo and Carved -seed pods

Dramatic over 14 inches tall Daum Cameo vase, depicting a trailing seed pod plant in blues greens and browns with very detail carved black foot signed c1900, price £4,500

Daum Glass -1. daummartele

Martele - Flowers

Stunning medium large Daum cameo and martele vase (about 5 inches tall) with running branches of flowers in maroon on opal, c1905, signed. Price £1,800

Daum Glass -1. daumparlantgreenCU

Acid cut back - Parlant Vase

Cute Green and gilded Daum parlant vase, c1898, click on image for another view. Around 3 1/2 inches tall. It says 'Paix et Peu', signed. Price £1,100.

Daum Glass -1. daumberlouze

Vitrified - Berlouze

Stunning medium sized (c6 inches) Daum 'vitrified' berlouze, signed c1898 in browns, greens, pink and white. Price £540

Daum Glass -1. daumambergreen

Acid Cutback & Gilded -Butterfly

A stunning small acid cutback Daum 'cameo' vase depicting, gilded flowers and the cutest butterfly, in greens, clear and amber, as usual there is slight loss to the surface gilding on the body, 3 3/4 inches tall, c1905, signed, price £980.

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