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5 March 15  Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets  
 Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets
Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #01
This page focusses on the many animal and human figures designed and produced by Rene Lalique. These include a wide range of Cachets (seals), Paperweights and Car Mascots.

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #02


Stunning Butterscotch(orange opal) Lapin cachet: Marcilhac 214, designed 1925, signed, 6.4cms high, one of the rarest of all colours Price £1,500

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #03


Wonderful Crème De menthe(green opal) Chien cachet: Marcilhac 216, designed 1926, signed, 8.5cms high, another of the rarest colours Price £1,250

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #04


Wonderful Topaz(brown with a heart of purple) Souris (mouse) cachet: Marcilhac 218, designed 1925, signed, 5.7 cms high, another great colour Price £980

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #05


Wonderful Opal Reynard (fox) cachet: Marcilhac 217, designed 1926, signed, 4.5 cms high, Price £980

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #06


Amazing complete set of Rene Lalique 'Chardoneret' (finches) paperwights: Timide Ref: Marcilhac 1209 12.5 cms, Hardi Ref: Marcilhac 1210 11 cms, Moqueur Ref: Marcilhac 1211 10 cms designed 1931, all signed, Price £1,980 the set of three -sold as a set only.

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #07


Cute Rene Lalique 'Daim' paperweight Ref: Marcilhac 1168, designed 1929, signed, 8.5 cms tall. Price £1,100.

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #08


Rare Rene Lalique 'Antelope' paperweight Ref: Marcilhac 1148, designed 1929, signed, 8.5 cms tall. Price £1,100.

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #09


Stunning Rene Lalique 'Perche' car mascot Ref: Marcilhac 1158, designed 1929, signed, 18 cms long. Price £1,500

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #10

Sainte Jeanne D'Arc

A rare commemorative R Lalique medallion, celebrating Sainte Jeanne D'Arc represented in full armour and more than a little Art Deco styling, this comes in a wonderful fitted boxed, but we suspect the box is not original, Ref: Marcilhac 1214, designed 1933, signed, 7.5cms long. Price £980.

Rene Lalique -Figures & Cachets #11


Strange and unusual Rene Lalique Louis Pasteur centenary glass 'Plaquette' in original box (box not shown, but it is in good condition), designed 1922, made exclusively for the Strasbourg Pasteur Museum, 10 cms across. Ref: Marcilhac 'B' p474, signed, price £650.

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