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22 September 18  Rene Lalique- Vases  
 Rene Lalique- Vases
Rene Lalique- Vases. rl3vases
This page focusses on the many magnificent vases designed by Rene Lalique.

Rene Lalique- Vases. rlarchers


Classic large Rene Lalique original pare grey stained 'Archers' pattern vase. Ref: Marcilhac 893, designed 1921, 26 cms tall, signed, price 7,250.

Rene Lalique- Vases. rlprunes


Massive and amazing Rene Lalique opalescent 'Prunes' pattern vase. Ref: Marcilhac 1037, designed 1930, 18 cms tall, signed, price 9,800.

Rene Lalique- Vases. rlpinsons


Amazing Rene Lalique highly opalescent 'Pinsons' pattern vase. Ref: Marcilhac 1038, designed 1930, 19 cms tall, click on image for close up of lower section, signed, price 4,250.

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