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24 October 17  Rene Lalique -Boxes  
 Rene Lalique -Boxes
Rene Lalique -Boxes. rlboxset
This page focusses Rene Lalique Boxes, unfortunately, our stock is low.

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Rene Lalique -Boxes. rlroger


Wonderful Rene Lalique highly opalescence and blue stain box and cover in the 'Roger' pattern, designed 1926, 13.5cms across, signed. Marcilhac ref 75, SOLD.

Rene Lalique -Boxes. rlnipponb


Great Rene Lalique opalescence box and cover in the 'Tokio' pattern, designed 1921, 17 cms across, signed. Marcilhac ref 50. Price 1,500

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