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30 May 16  Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers  
 Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers
Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #01
On this page we have a selection of the wide range of bowls and chargers that were designed and made by Rene Lalique. When available, this includes some of the all time classic bowls: at the higher end of the market; Calypso, Ondines and Dauphins and, for more modest pockets, classics like Poissons and Coquilles.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #02


Stunning Opalescent Rene Lalique 'Muguet' Coupe Ouverte. Designed 1931, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 416, 30 cms across. Price 2,950.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #03


Rare and ornate pale Opalescent Rene Lalique 'Acacia' No 3 coupe. Designed 1928, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 3250, 16.8 cms across. Price 425.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #04


Stunning Opalescent Rene Lalique 'Oeillets' coupe ouverte. Designed 1932, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 422, 34cms across -shown here in ordinary light -click image to see under flash light. Price 1,980.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #05


Rare opalescent Rene Lalique 'Dauphins' plate/coupe ouverte. Designed 1932, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 424, 30 cms across. Price 2,200.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #06


Classic opalescent Rene Lalique 'Volutes' plate. Designed 1934, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 10-396, 27.5cms across. Price 665.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #07


Cute Rene Lalique 'Marienthal' bol a main. Designed 1931, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 3109, 12cms across. Price 180.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #08


Great Opalescent Rene Lalique 'Algues ' pattern coupe ouverte. Designed 1933, signed, some scratches, Ref: Marcilhac 10-390, 36 cms across. Flash photograph enhances appearance of opalescence. Price 1,800.

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #09

Plumes De Paon

This is the original Rene Lalique drawing design for the Plumes De Paon bowl, as drawn by Rene Lalique himself and still in its frame from its exhibition at the Gallerie Modern shop in the 1980s -with original exhibition label attached to the back (click on image to see label). Designs of production pieces rarely survive. Framed this is around 65cms high by 55cms across, As this is such a large piece, for simplicity, the price includes professional insured shipping worldwide. Price 4,250

Rene Lalique -Bowls & Chargers #10

Plumes De Paon

Opalescent and blue stained Rene Lalique 'Plumes De Paon' pattern Bowl. Designed 1932, signed, Ref: Marcilhac 10-375, 25.5 cms across, Price 1,650.

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