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16 November 18  Rene Lalique -Pintrays  
 Rene Lalique -Pintrays
Rene Lalique -Pintrays #01
This page focuses on the pieces af glass that Rene Lalique primarily desiged as pin tray designed for the ladies dressing table.

Rene Lalique -Pintrays #02


Dramatic Rene Lalique clear intaglio Faune pintray- Designed 1931, ref: Marcilhac 316, signed, diam 12cms height 9 cms, price 1,200

Rene Lalique -Pintrays #03


Rare Rene Lalique yellow moineau pintray. Designed 1925, ref: Marcilhac 284, signed, diam 12cms, price 650.

Rene Lalique -Pintrays #04


Cute Rene Lalique opalescent Dindon (Turkey) pintray. Designed 1925, ref: Marcilhac 287, signed, diam 12cms, price 665.

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