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16 November 18  Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc  
 Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc
Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rltableware

Rene Lalique Stemware

Between 1910 and 1945 Rene Lalique designed over 100 patterns of tableware including glasses and decanters; each pattern has its own magic. Over the years relatively few of these glasses have survived and they are now quite rare. Increasing numbers of people collect single or pairs of Rene Lalique glasses from the different patterns as they make a great and affordable way to build a really special Rene Lalique Collection. They are also ideal for affordable presents for Rene Lalique Lovers.

In February 2011 the Glass association published our article on 'Drinking with Rene Lalique'

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlribeville


An superb pair of Rene Lalique 'Ribeauville' pattern Liqueur glasses. Ref: Marcilhac 5066bis, designed 1924, 11.6 cms tall, signed, price 480pr.

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rllille


Exceptionally cute Rene Lalique tiny pair of Lille Liquor glasses Ref: Marcilhac 5406, designed 1938, just 6.3 cms tall, signed, price 360pr.

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlcannes


An superb pair of Rene Lalique 'Cannes' pattern wine glasses glasses. Ref: Marcilhac 5394, designed 1924, 20 cms tall, signed, price 480pr.

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlwassalone


An elegant and extremely rare pair of Rene Lalique 'Wassalonne' pattern Madera glasses. Ref: Marcilhac 5357, designed 1937, 11.5 cms tall, signed, price 395pr.

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlsevres


A stunningly simple pair of Rene Lalique 'Sevres' pattern wine glasses. Ref: Marcilhac 5097, designed 1924, 19.7 cms tall, signed. Price 480

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rltinnerre


A rare pair of Rene Lalique 'Tonnerre' pattern madeira glasses. Ref: Marcilhac 5373, designed 1937, 8.7 cms tall, signed. Price 450

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlmrb


Exceptionally rare black enamel Rene Lalique 'Marie-Brizard' anisete decanter and stopper with original paper label. Designed 1927, signed, Ref: Marcilhac P736(j?), 19.5 tall. One other example of this decanter has been documented, but that lacks the original label Price 2,950.

Rene Lalique -Stemware & Decanters etc. rlermitage


Amazing Rene Lalique Liqueur/Madeira suite of decanter and 8 glasses in the rare 'Ermitage' pattern . Ref: Marcilhac 5373, designed 1938, 23.5 cms tall and 7.6 cms tall, all signed. Price 2,400(8+1)

PLEASE NOTE all our Rene Lalique Glass items were produced prior to his death in 1945

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